Programs & Providers

Trellis is a gathering place for events and programs related to personal growth, community, and sensuality in the Philadelphia area.  We both produce our own events at locations around Philadelphia, and support events produced by our friends and partners.

Some of the programs we support (and sometimes produce) are below.

Mark Groups

A Mark Group is an evening of social conversation games, designed for meeting people and having fun. Participants can get to know people from many walks of life in a relatively short time, within a safe and controlled environment.  

Mark Groups are an opportunity to “know and be known” in a deeper way than in your typical cocktail party. They run the gamut from fun and light-hearted, to hilarious, to quiet and deeply intimate. A Mark Group is an enjoyable evening of surprising intimacy for less than the price of a movie and popcorn!

Please be on time (newcomers are not admitted after the group starts).

Mark Groups were invented by Victor Baranco and the Lafayette Morehouse.  They are scheduled regularly at hosts throughout the city, see our calendar for the next one.  If you would like to host a Mark Group, please come to one and talk to us.


The Sensual Life

The Sensual Life provides a place to explore, experience and express your sensuality.  We use creativity such as writing, storytelling, movement, visual art and improv to explore your sensuality and sexuality. We design experiences that take you out into the world and create a learning lab in your everyday life. We offer special events, such as erotic readings and other types of performance. Or, you might want to work one-on-one in our private coaching program.

All events produced by Monica Day. For more information see her website.

Essential Experience Workshop

The Essential Experience Workshop — a Philadelphia exclusive! — offers a safe place to explore feelings and experiment with changes in attitude and behavior. No one tells you how to run your life. You identify and work on what is important to you with the support of creative experiential exercises, personal reflection, expert facilitation, and group participation.

Areas one might consider strengthening include:

  •  setting and achieving personal goals
  • relating to others in a honest yet caring manner
  • handling fears and inhibitions
  • finding constructive and rewarding ways to take risks
  • achieving deeper levels of intimacy
  • finding satisfying work
  • understanding and appreciating sexuality
  • creating a community of support
  • learning to have fun
  • making choices and living with decisions
  • participating and taking leadership in groups
  • communicating clearly and effectively

More information at the Essential Experience Website.

Shalom Mountain Retreat Center

Shalom Mountain Retreat Center offers transformational retreats in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York. Retreats are based on The Shalom Process which is an opportunity for deep personal work in the context of an intentional loving community.

Shalom Mountain exists to call people to be conscious, loving and fully alive.  We are committed to individual and global transformation through the creation of intentionally loving community.

Shalom Retreats™ were developed in 1969 as a process for exploring the transformative power of loving community. Shalom Sacred Mountain Retreat Center was founded as a hope structure, calling people to live passionately and with compassion in the world.

More information on the Shalom Mountain Website.  For the underlying philosophy, see Jerry Judd’s Love is an Intention.