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by Rebekah Beneteau on January 14, 2014

Dear Trellis Friends:


2014 Happy New Year!  I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us.  Marc and I have been busy adapting to life in Asheville, NC.  We hear through the grapevine about all the fun that’s happening in BIG and juicy mark groups.  We have been leading what we call Being Socials, down here.  These are similar evenings but we explain the purpose more in terms of the Skills and Principles of Loving as taught at Shalom Mountain, and we’ve changed the games slightly. It’s building slowly, but we have some definite fans.

Are you glad that 2013 is gone, or sorry to see it go?  For me, it was a year of huge transition.  I had a lot of exciting things happen, and now I’m eager to see how those events, like the move to Asheville, flower.  Last summer, I started seeing private clients, and come November taught a fantastically transformational workshop for women in my new business as a Sensuality Coach and Pleasure Midwife.

Do you know why I am passionate about sensuality?  It’s because your sensual energy is an expression of your life force. I have spent the last couple of years developing this practice, an outgrowth of my energy healing practice and personal journey into re-claiming my own sexuality as a survivor of childhood abuse. I’ve seen first hand the positive effects that happen when women experience more gratification in their sex lives and their relationships.  And what I’ve realized is that pleasure is a current that runs through our whole lives, or it doesn’t.

Does the environment in your office make you happy?  Is your relationship as fulfilling as you want?  Do you have friends with similar interests to spend time with? To help people make changes in their lives and pursue their goals in a way that is pleasurable is the focus of my new program Fast Track to Pleasure.  If you want to identify your top priorities right now, & strategize a way to reach your goals that is joyful and fun then I can help you. And for the first time, I’m offering this program to both women AND men.  Because everyone deserves to be happier in the pursuit of their dreams.


Featuring live one-on-one calls, a home workbook, and daily e-mails, this is an excellent way to jumpstart your year with clarity and support. If you sign-up by Friday, January 17th, I’m offering a special bonus energy healing absolutely free.  That’s a $125 value. The entire program costs less than that!
Check out all the details here:

I would be very grateful if you would pass this on to any friends you have that are ready to have more fun, more love and more gratification in their lives, from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond. Let’s all have more pleasure in 2014!

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And do keep in touch.

Pleasurably Yours,
Rebekah Beneteau
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