Arrived in Ashville!

by marc on August 17, 2013

Rebekah and I arrived safely in Asheville Sunday night.  A deep bow of gratitude to our generous and talented prep, loading and support crew: John, Jeff, Bob, Dean, Tricia and Elissa


(missing from photo: Ares, Carol  and Tina), they helped us accomplish the impossible: empty and pack a large house filled with 6 years of history (and not just ours ;); reduce our belongings by about 2/3; and finally to fit it all (including a motorcycle) into a 16 foot moving truck and a U-Haul trailer!  The loading took 6 hours and everyone was amazed that it was even possible (not to mention that nothing was broken in the trip).

Here is proof that Trellis House is empty:




Is this the end of Trellis?

No.  This list will continue to announce some Mark Groups and other transformational and fun events in the Philadelphia area, managed by John K., Tina F. and Bill B.  And Rebekah and I will continue our community-building, writing and broadcasting efforts from Asheville.  Trellis- Asheville, anyone? If you want to stay in touch, you can subscribe to Rebekah’s Wise Wild Feminine (including weekly podcasts with sexual educators), Marc’s entrepreneur blog Lifestyle Design School, and Marc’s personal blog Marc’s Life and Travels.

Stay tuned for further information!



Marc and Rebekah

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