Trellis Community of Philadelphia

The Trellis Community of Philadelphia was shut-down in late 2010 due to zoning violations of the city of Norristown (“maximum of 3 unrelated people living together”).  This is a very common problem of running intentional communities, in that the culture is unable to understand the benefits of people living together in non-traditional relationships and the benefits to the larger community.  Trellis House was a brilliant run for the 3 years of its existence.  Rebekah and Marc have moved on into other projects, as described  here.

Trellis provides opportunities for fun, growth, friendship, spiritual seeking and personal transformation.  Our name comes from the garden: just as a trellis supports the vines, we are a framework for the blossoming of all of us, individual yet intertwined. We are an ever-growing extended community of love-in-action, aiming to serve the world unselfishly while having fun.


The Trellis Website is currently inactive since Marc and Rebekah moved to Asheville and is awaiting a new owner. 

To continue following our adventures visit Rebekah’s Pleasure Evolution and Marc’s blog